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The sensitive pop-guy

Heini Corfitz is mostly known for being the energenic rock guitarist for The Dreams. But he’s also a very sensitive/sentimental songwriter, who loves a great melody. His first solo album is on it’s way and what we’re talking about here is beatiful melodic pop. Niels Uni , 3 Jan Conversation:Heini Corfitz is in the studio at the moment and is working on his first solo album. We borrowed him a moment and got to hear the 3 first songs, on his first release. The genre is sensitive pop, sung by the unusually high pitched voice of Corfitz, which makes one think about the english band Suede.-We have recorded 3 songs, soon to be mixed, and released for download, early in 2014, Corfitz tells us. The first 3 songs, are recorded in partnership with the producer Carsten Falkenlind, who’s mostly known for playing guitar in the heavy metal band Mercyful faith. But with Corfitz we’re far from metal or punk, even though one would think, that this cooperation would lead to that. 

Soft with the age                                                                                                                 

The songs are beautiful and catchy and don’t sound anything like what we’ve heard from Corfitz before. The Dreams is a noisy punkrock band and in the band Raped In Reno, which Corfitz plays in with one of his brothers Eirikur, they play genuine hard rock. Yeah, even Paradox, Which Corfitz was the lead singer/guitarist in at the age of 16, we heard noisy punkrock. But these new songs show a whole other dimension.-Yes, I’ve probably become a little softer over the years, the 24 year old Corfitz says and adds to that: No I’ve always enjoyed great melodies and I started appreciating it more and more in my own songwriting. But I think it already started, while I was playing in Paradox. The last song I wrote for the album, Inside Of Me, is very melodic. 

Chinese X-Factor                                                                                                       

Corfitz has been working alot on his songs, to get them where he wants them. He also spent time working on his own material, while he was playing in The Dreams full time. He doesn’t make us doubt, that he’s really excited about getting his own music realeased.

-I was sitting in Søborg Denmark, writing country/pop, while we we’re working on The Dreams. Chief 1, whom we worked with at that time, tried to sell one of my songs which he produced, to a chinese/japanese X Factor winner or something like that, Corfitz tells us. Nothing happened in that manner though, but Corfitz has been working on his own music ever since. 

Free Download                                                                                                                  

-Yes, I do have a partner, who helps me and gives a push when needed working on my project. He’s also the one who got the partnership with Carsten Falkenlind happen, and booked the studio. Now the plan is to record the rest of the album on their own. On the first 3 songs Corfitz and Carsten Falkenlind play all the instruments. But Corfitz is going to be recording the rest all on his own. He has both played and teached in all the usual instruments, so it should’nt be a problem to record everything on his own from here.-At the moment I have just finished writing the last songs for the album and we’re ready to hit the studio. However the first 3 songs are ready and recorded, so we’re hoping to get some attention to the project, when they’re released for free. Then the whole album will be released later this year. 

Developed as a songwriter                                                                                           

The songs on his debut album, are all new songs, Corfitz has written in the last 2 years. He tells us that so much has happened during the last years, which has both developed him musically, but also lyrically. Because of this he has made the choice only to include new songs.These 3 first songs are connected, however when the whole album is finished, it will be quite diverse. Not everything will be as soft and poppy as these 3 songs, he says. 

Their own record label                                                                                                        

In connection with the recordings Corfitz has started his own record label with his businesspartner. This is a statement, that signing with big record labels is not essential anymore.-My businesspartner has alot of experience, and we can make deals about distribution through other labels, outside of the country who’ll handle that. 

Spotlight not that important                                                                                                 

Already when Corfitz was a teenager, he became known as the frontman in Paradox. This was before he joined The Dreams, and later on Raped In Reno. It could be easy to think, that this release is a longing for the spotlight, but that’s not the case, Corfitz tell us:-No, that’s not that important to me. The most important thing to me, is to record my music, and get people to listen. 

Experienced alot with The Dreams                                                                     

Corfitz would really like to get out and play, when his music is released, and even though he lives in Denmark, his ambitions are to reach further beyond. And then he would also like to get home to the Faroe Islands, and play for his birth-country.

-I love playing concerts. I think it was absolutely amazing touring germany with The Dreams. We played 18 shows in 21 days, and that’s exactly how I want to live my life.The Dreams is not a very active band at the moment, and have only played a couple of shows the last couple of years. There might be a show coming this year sometime, but other than that, it’s not a band that the members invest very much time in at the moment. But Corfitz is happy for the experiences he got playing in The Dreams. Specially playing lots of shows, was great, he tell us.Corfitz only plays and teaches music for a living, one thing he puts alot of energy in, is the band Raped In Reno, which is a danish/faroese heavy rock band, he plays in, with his brother Eirikur, who also was a member of The Dreams. The band play their own songs, and even though having only played a couple of shows, they’re close to getting signed. Corfitz tell us, that the best description of Raped In Reno, would be that it’s genuine Trucker heavy rock’n’roll.

Niels Uni Dam 


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